Vision and Values

We want to become one of the most active and attractive NGOs in Bucharest in the next 5 years and, also, a model of good practice in non-formal education, which is why we are determined to invest all our resources in what can bring real advantages to the communities and to society. Our values ​​are:

  • Respect for diversity. We are all different and our uniqueness helps us make sensational things.
  • Non-formal education as a value, because it has far longer than formal effects, the information being retained without stress and by alternative methods.
  • The power of expression through art, because art is the engine of emotional expression for each of us. It can reveal sensitivity and creativity in any field.
  • We are all equal and deserve to equal treatment. Children, young people need to know that they have equal rights like any other citizen. Young age or differences in status, ethnicity, race, sex should not be an impediment to our development.
  • We believe in “The right man in the right place” and in the fact that all young people, even those with fewer financial possibilities, can have multiple opportunities for growth and development.
  • Healthy life with lots of sports and outdoor activities. We support daily physical activities, according to the classic dictum “Mens sana in corpore sano”.