24 Aug 2017

Iboo Cup, For The Little And Wise

Categorie: Competitions

If you are small and you know chess, we expect you to give us CHECKMATE!

The Iboo Cup was a chess competition organized at IBOO Kindergarten and SMART 4 ​​YOU Association in collaboration with the Iboo Kindergarten in 2015.

The competition was attended by novice children, unlawful at sports clubs under the age of seven and a half.

The tournament consists of 5 rounds of maximum 15 minutes / game in total. The player who gathered the most points after the 5th round was declared the winner of the respective competition at the age category he participated in. In case of equality, the criteria decided by the Chief Referee was used.

At the end of the competition, the top three received the diploma and prizes.

The Iboo Cup allowed preschool children to accept challenges, discover their skills through chess, play and win the game board.