24 Aug 2017

Grand Prix Competition

Categorie: Competitions, Smart 4 KIDS

Do you like chess and want to check your knowledge? Do you face competition and pressure? Come to Promenade Mall and accept the challenge to enter the Grand Prix Junior!

Starting with 2014,  Grand Prix Junior Championship, organized by the SMART 4 ​​YOU Association in cooperation with the Promenade Mall,  started to take place in the Promenade Mall, with cheerful children participating.

The contestants were entitled to enroll, within the limit of 70 seats available, beginner children with CIV less than 1010 and aged 6 to 11 years old.

The tournament was composed of 7 rounds of 10 minutes for each participant. The player who gathered the most points after the 7th round was declared the winner of the respective edition, in the age category he participated in. In case of equality, the criteria decided by the chief referee of the competition were used.

At the end of the competition, prizes and diplomas are awarded for the top three.

The children had the opportunity to check their chess skills, to have fun, to make new friends, and those who are sufficiently focused left with prizes at home.