About US

Founded in 2013, Smart 4 You Association is a nonprofit youth organization that aims both  developing the potential of children and young  people, but also of the their communities, as a whole.

We believe that positive transformation and an increase in the quality of life of a community comes from within each individual; and when people connect with each other, they can even bring profound and lasting changes at society level. We can only do this by using creative solutions in the personal development of everyone and the team as a whole, thus enhancing the benefits and impact of our work.

Of course we have a lot to learn, and that is why we want to bring next to us as many children and young people as possible, but also seniors. In this communication era, we have all become more and more lonely. We no longer know how to really share because now we share everything on social media, we no longer know to thank or make a compliment because we give like’s on the internet. Of course that all these facilities are useful in their own way, but let us not forget who we really are, learn to discover and reinvent ourselves whenever it is needed, learn that “where are many, the power is growing” and that nothing is more valuable than communication.

We will not change everything overnight, but our efforts, of all of us, will bring us gratitude, balance and many friends; will help us – with minimal effort – to be better, better performing and closer to ourselves; will help us discover our true talents and skills, which means better decisions in life.

That’s why we are next to you and we are waiting for you next to us: to learn from each other, to invent projects, to be responsible, to create new methods and tools of expression and personal development, to look at things differently, involving us.

But how many cannot be done?

We are young and we know how much need for models benchmarks and experiences exists in order to give us confirmations for our decisions, which help us get to know each other better, overcome our fears, choose the right path. Because everyone of us has a talent, his own, which is not always easily discovered. If we do not get involved now in more diverse activities, the chances of discovering this talent in time are minimal. And we will live some strange lives, then asking our children to do what we didn’t have the courage … or the power … or the will.Liberate, therefore, the inner perfection and rise to the highest potential!Let’s discover together the sport, the music, the theater, the fine arts, the dance, the traveling, the game, the trees or the flowers, whatever is around us; to combine them and reinvent them, to put them in our personal or collective footprint, to overcome patterns and to be what we can and we owe to be!We will use all that we know and do not know, we will use non-formal and informal education, we will use the Erasmus Plus mobility, we will use everything that goes into our minds and can bring a new addition to ourselves, our goals and the community we live in.But most importantly, we will discover ourselves and we will know where to work if our way is to find a suitable and satisfactory place on the labor market as an employee or potential entrepreneur or contractor or freelancer …